Thursday, November 15, 2012

Texture Boutique

Sorry it's been so long!  I've been busy with this and that and didn't realize how many days it's been since I posted.  And today, when I signed onto Stampin' Up! to see what's cooking, I found a GREAT reason to post!

We are trying out a NEW goodie!  It is in an extremely limited quantity, so don't wait to call me if you want it.  A lot of you have expressed incredible interest in the embossed designs I have on nearly all of my cards.  However, the price of the full Sizzix machine with all the trimmings is too much for many of you.  Here is a GREAT alternative. 

The texture boutique is well named because TEXTURE is ALL it does.  It is lightweight and portable and needs only a few pieces to apply texture to all kinds of materials - cardstock, lightweight metals, and so on.  And the results are always amazing.  Texture adds such a professional look to cards.  The Texture Boutique is being offered two ways, by itself, and in a bundle.  By itself, it is $29.95 and includes the two pads you need to make your embossing sandwich and a shim to help with lightweight materials.  The bundle, for just $10 more, includes all that plus two embossing folders, one with flowers and one with stripes. 

Here's a great video to show you how easy it is!  And remember - LIMITED QUANTITIES!  This would make a GREAT Christmas present!

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