Thursday, September 20, 2012

New name, same blog

I can't get anyone at Blogspot as a real person.  The info claims two people can't have the same URL, but that's patently not true, and since hers is older than mine, they lied when they said it was available.  SO, I have switched to Indigo Inking of You, which, of course, is part of my street name, and I thought that might be easy to remember.  Plus, there's some old Big Band songs with Indigo Blue in the title, and this reminds me of those!

The old blog is still there, but I don't see how anyone is going to find it without going through my SU! website first, and that's a pain - plus their blog isn't as nice as this one.  I'm going to make this blog the one you'll now see if you do go to the website.  Hopefully, now there won't be confusion.  I'm only going to transfer the last two entries, since everything else is so old.  My hope is to get to this a couple of times a week, like I used to.  It all depends on what my back does, though!  Cross your fingers, please!

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